Incence is a brand innovation company. We help companies build more effective brands by translating marketing objectives into fresh, relevant design through brand strategy, identity, digital presence, packaging, corporate literature, promotions and collateral for new products, evolving brands and emerging categories. Our process is a balanced combination of art and science, energy and discipline designed to empower your brand to connect with your consumers.

We partner with ambitious leaders to design radically better businesses. Whether venturing into new areas, sharpening presence, or deepening audience relationships, we pit creativity against their challenges. We energise people, teams and organisations around change.
Go-GP.ORG Corporate Identity and branding
Gauteng has a history of hosting the South African Formula One Grand Prix and other premium international sport events. The domain name GO-GP.ORG acts as a portal for grand prix fans, tourists and investors to access the province's exciting offerings and at the same time become part of a new international Grand Prix Membership Club.

Gauteng Motorsport engaged Incence Brand to initiate and develop the GO-GP.ORG brand. GO-GP.ORG was successfully launched when Gauteng hosted it's first ever A1 Grand Prix event. GO-GP.ORG was welcome by the BMW Sauber F1 Team as an official brand partner.
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DEOD Brand Identity Campaign
Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) is the first converged online OTT television service to launch in Africa, offering a mix of On Demand Subscription content, Internet TV Channels and Pay-Per-View Rentals of the latest cinema releases. With DEOD, you enjoy live news from leading global news channels, DEOD Sports Network (DSN) and niche Sports TV Channels as well as the latest movies hot off the cinema, TV shows, Kids programs, documentaries, cooking shows, music videos and so much more!

Incence was tasked to provide a full 360 degree plan from logo design to end product.
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Discover Digital Corporate Identity and branding
Discover Digital is a dynamic, young tech business that provides access to a multitude of innovative end-to-end digital media and fin-tech technology products to enable their clients' organisations achieve greater heights in today's competitive and digitally-focused landscape.

Discover Digital's approach to market themselves had to be stand up and unique. Together with Discover Digital leaders, we developed a strategic brand that spoke innovation and technology in a human voice. It's a strategic platform for growth, combining the strength of a global organisation with the opportunities of a connected world.
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ESKOM 49m Brand Campaign
49m is an Eskom initiative to build awareness around saving energy. The existing logo and campaign needed transformation without losing any brand equity. Eskom felt the existing logo lacked the power and energy to persuade consumers to do the right thing.

Incence strategically developed an evolutionary identity, packed with energy that spoke across all target markets.
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Levi's Seasonal In-store Promotional Campaigns
To drive in-store trade, and promote product awareness, Levi's embarked on various campaigns for their various cuts of jeans. Some of these examples are showcased here.

These campaigns involved concept, art direction, design, copy-writing and editing, photography and final print.
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Packaging Design
Incence offers specialised packaging solutions to enable brand owners, trade shops, printers and manufacturers meet their performance goals. Our experienced Packaging Team thrives on finding innovative answers to robust challenges, so we are here to guide you from concept, through to your end product.
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Our work spans four areas: leadership, customer experience, employee experience and going to market. By helping ambitious leaders get these right, together we build radically better businesses.

This involves questions like: what's the best direction for the business, how can we get board buy in for change, and how can we define value beyond the shareholder?
To answer them we use skills like brand strategy, purpose + proposition development, brand architecture, naming, and business growth planning

This involves questions like: how can we sustain our culture as we grow, how can attract and integrate talent, and what happens to our culture after a merger?
To answer them we build deliverables like internal engagement strategies, employer brand propositions, signature experiences, and brand-led environment.

This involves questions like: how can we (re)connect with our users, how can we help people navigate what we do, and how can we bring people back for more?
To answer them we use skills like brand identity + experience design, content strategy, comms planning, product prototyping and service innovation.

Go To Market
This involves questions like: how should we introduce the new brand, how do we plan change across market, and how can we manage the assets in future?
To Answer them we build deliverables like brand launch strategies, brand management systems, learning + development programmes, change rationales, and cost impact analyses.
Our method is one of education, participation and discovery. We often partner to keep our approach fresh and our minds sharp. Regardless of our place in the community, we share a common desire when we walk through the door in the morning: To do the best work of our lives.
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